Tour Add-Ons

Looking to surprise your loved one with a beer or wine tour?

Let Crush Beer & Wine Tours help with the celebration! Our Birthday package will surprise your loved ones with some great party favors. You will receive six Happy Birthday Cupcakes that feeds up to six people. You will also receive a Happy Birthday Balloon and an “It’s my Birthday” pin to wear all day long. This thoughtful package only costs $29.99 plus tax to surprise that special person on their celebrated day.

Are you looking to add some snacks to your day out in New York’s wine country? Our Meat Cheese and Cracker platter is a tray filled with local cheeses, and flavorful meats with an assortment of crackers to consume with it. This bountiful tray will feed two or three people easily. Perfect to satisfy your need for food while enjoying your beer or wine tour. Purchased in advance for $24.99 plus tax.(Not available on our beer tours.)

For other sweet tooth fans, we offer our Candy Dessert and Soda tray. This Dessert tray has an assortment of chocolate candy bars (that can be paired with wine you may purchase along the way) and soda for those who need that caffeine to keep going during this day of wine or beer tastings. This Candy Dessert tray will feed 2-3 people (6 candy bars and 4 cans of soda). Purchased in advance for $19.99 plus tax.